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By rolling countryside of the Aller-Leine valley lead the Bike routes that connect perfectly with the regional road network. Relaxing day trips or ambitious routes will be at hand.

Together with the national cycle paths provide the Aller bike path, Leine-Heide-Radweg and the Lüneburg Heath Cycle Route is an ideal base for exploring by bicycle. In addition to the classics of the 8-Aller tours is also the journey of discovery on the energy route or to potash mining history.

For those who want to be traveling by bike, whether on an extended trip or a day trip in the region, represents the simple orientation and tour a wheeled Navigator available. For the cycle paths between Celle and Verden of Navigator keeps ready Tour suggestions, information about the area attractions and restaurants and offers accommodations.

In addition, you can plan your own tours, send appropriate appointments to meeting places to combatants and download spatial data for their own navigation device. It is also possible to download printable PDF file.

Everything at a glance, it is for cyclists and hikers in the Aller-Leine Valley. Please click here to the card - you will come to our Navigator page.

Aller-Leine-Tal Navigator 




25.05.2019, 13:00 Uhr: Geführte Radtour - kulinarische Radtour ab Schwarmstedt, kulinarisches Rendezvous mit Kartoffeln und Cranberries, Bienen, Bisons und Schwarzbunten Friesen "Hüttenzauber", 29690 Schwarmstedt
26.05.2019, 13:00 Uhr: Geführte Radtour - ein Haus zieht um – Bewegende Geschichten von bewegten Bauten“ , 27336 Rethem (Aller)
30.05.2019: Heide-Gartenparty mit Live-Musik, 29690 Essel
30.05.2019, 10:00 Uhr: Gierseilfähre Eickeloh - Fährtermin, 29693 Eickeloh
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