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Always well-informed - with the Tourist Information in the Aller-Leine-Tal

Before the trip is a good organization. As well, that our employees have ever collected from the Tourist Information here the important and relevant topics for tour preparation. Whether you want to find the latest information or get individual advice. From A for Arrival to P as Brochures, our guests can advance information here.

If you have additional questions, the team of the popular Aller-Leine Valley is quickly and competently. We can be reached at
 +49 05071 8688!


Wetter, Prospekte, Anreise und mehr...

Wetter, Prospekte, Anreise und mehr...



28.04.2019, 12:00 Uhr: Backtag in Nienhagen, 29690 Gilten OT. Nienhagen
28.04.2019, 16:00 Uhr: Ausstellung der Malschule Bosse im Burghof Rethem, 27336 Rethem (Aller)
30.04.2019, 16:30 Uhr: Der Grüffelo, Uhle Hof
30.04.2019, 19:00 Uhr: Fruchtbarkeits- und Lebensfreude-Fest `Beltaine, Eilte

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